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How lớn Fix the Steam Disk Write Error

If you experience the Steam disk write error, try these fixes:

Restart Steam. The easiest way to lớn rule out a temporary issue is to lớn cchiến bại the Steam client, reopen it, và then download or play it again.

Restart the computer. If closing and reopening Steam doesn"t resolve the issue, rebooting the PC could fix it by closing ongoing processes that might interfere with Steam.

Remove sầu write protection from the drive. Write protection prevents a computer from altering or adding files to lớn a thư mục or an entire drive sầu. If you believe this lớn be the source of the problem, verify which drive sầu your Steam games are stored on, và then remove write protection from that drive sầu.

Turn off the read-only setting for the Steam folder. If the Steam directory is phối to lớn read-only, then the whole directory is write-protected. Go khổng lồ the Steam thư mục properties và make sure the read-only setting isn"t selected.

Run Steam as an administrator. Running software as an administrator gives it extra permissions & can fix several odd problems.

Delete corrupted files. When something goes wrong while Steam is downloading a game, it may create a corrupted tệp tin that causes the Steam disk write error. To fix this problem, go to lớn the main Steam folder & open the steamapps/common directory. If you see a tệp tin with the same name as the game you"re trying lớn play that is 0 KB in kích thước, delete it and attempt lớn tải về or launch the game again.

Verify the integrity of the game files. In your Steam library, right-click the game and select Properties. Then, go to lớn the Local Files tab và select Verify Integrity of Game Files. If Steam finds any corrupt files, it automatically replaces those files.

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If your game uses a launcher that downloads additional updates, bởi not complete this step. Doing so will replace your updated game with the base launcher, and you will then need to re-download the updates through the launcher.

Clear the Steam tải về cabịt. If the Steam download cabít is corrupted, it can cause disk write errors. To fix this problem, open Steam và navigate lớn Steam > Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache.

Move sầu Steam khổng lồ a different drive. In some cases, there may be a problem with the drive that prevents Steam from writing lớn it. If you have sầu multiple drives or partitions, move sầu the Steam installation thư mục lớn a different drive.

Chechồng the drive sầu for errors. In some cases, this process can identify bad sectors and tell Windows lớn ignore those sectors in the future. If the problem persists or gets worse, you may need to replace the hard drive.

Disable the antivirus program or add exceptions. In rare instances, antivi khuẩn programs can incorrectly identify Steam as a threat and prsự kiện it from downloading và saving game data. If the Steam disk write error goes away with the antivirut disabled, add an exception for Steam in the antivirut scans.

Disable the firewall or add exceptions. If temporarily disabling the firewall fixes the problem, add an exception khổng lồ the Windows firewall.

Contact Steam for help. Steam"s technical tư vấn team can walk you through potential solutions for your specific problem. You can also find help in the Steam Community forum.

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