Huong dan half life 1

Half-Life (known as hl1, HLDM) Download for Free available in this page. You can tải về the lachạy thử version full for PC & play it totally for không tính tiền. Choose your best tải về method between direct, torrent & google drive sầu và get the game with one click!

We offer HL1 with unlimited and extremely fast download tốc độ. With the lathử nghiệm installation algorithms, you can install it in just a few minutes (usually takes 1 minute). We can guarantee the performance & ease to all the players and our visitors!


Half-Life 1 – An overview:

Half-Life 1 is an FPS (First-person shooter) game made in 1998 by Valve sầu. It is the first in its series, which continues until today by the Alyx version!

The Basic story is about a scientist called “Gordon” who mus his way out after a terrible scientific experience goes all the way wrong. So, against both humans và aliens (known as zombies mostly), he must fight lớn survive & get out until the kết thúc of the campaign.Bạn vẫn xem: Half

HL1 doesn’t only have sầu the chiến dịch gameplay, but it’s mostly known for the other modes. You can play it offline in Lan mode or in online servers with real human players. The current version comes with a fully working VPS browser with Internet, Lan, Favorites and History tabs!

Half-Life has it’s special custom sounds, maps (a good variety of them), models (players, weapons, hands…), sprites and more! What makes it so special is the total classic & cool outfit that still attracts players from all around the world until today. So, if you are here & reading this, you are a live sầu example of this!

Game requirements:

Minimum: Windows XPhường, 256 MB RAM, 500Mb Hard drive spaceRecommended: Windows XP.., 512 MB RAM, DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card, 1-2Gb Hard drive sầu space

This is a Half-Life non-Steam version without Counter-Strike 1.6 included. The game contains all the required modes và comes with the chiến dịch, Deathmatch (HLDM) and the Lan modes.Quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Các bạn chưa xuất hiện game




Install Instructions:

First, select a download method that suits your mạng internet requirements. All of our downloads provided in a high và extremely fast tốc độ built with a CDoanh Nghiệp network. So, wherever you are you can the best speed than ever! You can pick direct download khổng lồ get it directly from your browser or torrent to get nearly peers speed và have sầu the opportunity lớn pause và continue the tải về at any time! Tho that will require a third các buổi tiệc nhỏ torrenting software.

Bạn đang xem: Huong dan half life 1

After a successful download, the next step is to install HL1. This usually takes just a minute, but it can depend on computer requirements. Select your installation path, hit next và the install will begin! We are using the latest installation and compression algorithms which allows you to download the game with the lowest form size, and install it in a very fast time!

Half-Life Compatibility:


Our Half-Life version is guaranteed khổng lồ work in all windows version (without any exceptions, Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10). In fact, it comes with the full files và DLLs included. So, you cannot face any kind of problems in specific version (such as dark screen, error pop-out or game crash…)

This version allows you khổng lồ connect khổng lồ any Half-Life hệ thống accepting dual protocols 47/48. Using any thủ thuật of the game (gun-game, zombie, deathrun…), you can connect và play with the most ease and performance, without the doubt or fear of any possible problem, just simple!

The game comes with the lathử nghiệm algorithms, making it in lite speed & with few computer requirements. We make sure to lớn delete any of the third-party and unnecessary files. So, you can get the best FPS and reduced Lag as low possible.

However, you don’t have lớn worry, all HL necessary files will remain. So, you won’t notice or face any difference, apart from getting the game more faster & easier khổng lồ play!

trò chơi files:

Basically, the main files are the game models, maps, sounds, sprites… All of the files are original as the Steam version. But, it comes for free!



trò chơi DLLs are the files that turn all the things together. They make the full engine of the game, starting from the GUI lớn the gameplay, online or offline.

Xem thêm: Đồ Chơi Tự Chế Đơn Giản Với Motor, Tự Chế Xe Buồm Đồ Chơi Đơn Giản Với Motor

So, with our Half-Life không lấy phí download, you can get a highly optimized game DLLs to make your game faster, reducing lag as possible


Of course, you cannot play with your friends, in Lan mode or Online in servers if you don’t have maps! And downloading them each time you connect to a server makes it kinda noisy. Everyone hates waiting after all. So, we make sure to lớn include all the Half-Life maps in this thiết lập file.


Okay, if you think about an amazing video game, a movie, a tv series or anything similar… You will notice that sounds always play a big role. However, that goes very well with Half-Life game.

Sounds include all the map sounds, player sound effects, weapon sound effects và campaign sounds. And it’s kinda boring lớn play the game with a missing sound. So, tải về the game on the right web page!

Half-Life Multilanguage:

If you found this website online, that means you could be anywhere in earth! We accept that và we encourage it!

After all, we are an international community. So, if you are reading this and visiting this website, you can see that this trang web supports multiple languages!

You can play the game with whatever language you want which we can cover!

We support the main most spoken languages. However, we cannot support all the languages (there’s just too much). So, we make sure khổng lồ add translations in both websites và shared games.

We add more và more languages on time. So, we make sure lớn cover the maximum possible and give sầu the best user experience khổng lồ all of our visitors!

However, these are the main languages covered only by the trang web. The Half-Life cài đặt package comes with much more languages wich can be added và modified by ease!

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