Script Hook V And Native Trainer

Gr& theft Aulớn 5 is one of the most successful game in the world. GTA5 offers better graphics và high-resolution support with little modifications in the PC version. Most of the mods in GTA V are scripts, so if you want to lớn get them working you will surely need Script Hook V for this. Script Hook V và Native Trainer provides others with the scripts of the game, và so is a prerequisite for some GTA V mods.

This gian lận also provides you access to trainers that are rich in features và can make you a virtual GOD of the game. This open-source hack was made by Alexander Blade và after testing it on GTA V forums it is quite safe to lớn use. Its probably safe lớn use online but for extra precautions use it in offline mode and delete it when you are done using it.

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It adds a lot more freedom to the game, so lớn tải về this gian lận you have khổng lồ follow few steps:

Unzip the tệp tin and go to lớn zip folder. You will see three files, copy that files và paste in the original GTA5 directory. Put the “dinput8.dll” and “ScriptHook5.dll” tệp tin in the directory to start the online session. As this script allows you khổng lồ use custom native sầu functions in .atê mê plugins. So this file contains an ASI loader & Native Trainer which allows you lớn open up GTA 5 with script hook 5 installed. 

To see script hook and native sầu trainer working properly in GTA 5. Run GTA5 & lớn open up the thực đơn hit ”F4” and navigate the thực đơn by 2 and 8 for up & down, 4 and 6 for left và right just lượt thích D-pad number. To select the option press 5 & to go back in the thực đơn press 0 on the number pad. On the native trainer menu, you will see many custom option & you can change everything you want in the game.

Following are the few notable features you can change through native trainer mod:

Custom “skin-changer”, in this option you can change your personality in any game personality or even in the animal.  You can go lớn your desired location by just clicking the place on the thực đơn. You can turn off the “ Never Wanted “ function that allows cops never to get on you. You can get any vehicle which is listed in the alphabetical order in the menu and to lớn use vehicle boost just press number 9. You can change the weather and time. You have full access lớn all the weapons of the game with no reload & explosive ammo options.

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There is so much this gian lận has to offer and it is a helper for the offline story mode. It’s a great hack to mess around with GTA5 general features.




How lớn install:

Copy ScriptHookV.dll khổng lồ the game’s main folder, i.e. where GTA5.exe pháo is located.In order to lớn load asay đắm plugins you need to have sầu amê mệt loader installed, you can tải về it separately or use the lakiểm tra version that comes with this distrib (dsound.dll).This distrib also includes a sample ađê mê plugin – native trainer, if you need a trainer then copy NativeTrainer.ađam mê too.

Native sầu Trainer Controls:

F4 – activateNUM2/8/4/6 – navigate thru the menus & lists (numloông chồng must be on)NUM5 – selectNUM0/BACKSPACE/F4 – backNUM9/3 – use vehicle boost when activeNUM+ – use vehicle rockets when active

Download Links:

v 1.0.1737.0 (current): Download NoW

v1.0.1868.1 Link Download:

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