Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacturing of imaging. It also produces optical products, including

Printers,Scanners,Compacts digital cameras,Film SLR,Digital SLR cameras,Lenses,Video camcorders.

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What is the function of Printer Drivers?

A printer driver or print processors in a computer are a piece of software that converts the data to lớn be printed to lớn a format that a printer can understvà. The purpose of printer drivers is khổng lồ allow applications lớn vày printing without being aware of the technical issues or details of each printer model.

Where you use the canon f166400 printer driver tải về

Canon f166400 can use in different windows for good access & proper working. Download canon f166400 divers for..

Windows 7.Windows 8.Windows 10.Mac OS X.Linux here.

You can download this through official link from the website of the canon. For office or home page, business tải về the canon f16640 driver, it is a small desktop LaserJet monochrome printer.


Canon f166400 compatible with the following OS:

Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)Window 8.1 (32bit/64bit)Windows 8 (32bit/64bit)Windows 7(32bit/64bit)Windows XP(32bit/64bit)

How to install drivers

When you have found the right driver, then you should follow these instructions lớn install the driver.

Power off your device.Then the device should disconnect from your computer.nguồn it on và reconnect the device.Double cliông xã the driver download lớn extract it.Select your language if the language option is given.Follow the directions on the installation program screen.Now reboot your computer.Lathử nghiệm version:

The lachạy thử version of the canon printer driver is (Canon LBP2900b printer (64-bit))

Requirements: Windows XP64Windows vista 64Windows 7 64bitWindows 8 64bitWindows 10 64bitAuthor/product:

Canon /canon printer diver


Canon LB2900b printer driver for windows 64bit.

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Canon, one of the most popular và widely used printer manufactures in the world, has the ability to lớn creating new ways for helping users khổng lồ take full advantage of printing khổng lồ successfully connect to your trang chủ or business PC. Now, you can tải về this canon f166400 printer driver from our website so you can easily get access to lớn this driver. The working driver for Windows is being added to the source URL below. Cliông chồng on a provided liên kết URL location lớn get the driver software immediately. After installation of the driver, you can get access lớn the computer OS properly. Thank you for downloading the driver from our site.